Development is a multi-dimensional concept andits main objective is to uplift the living standard of people. The primary aim of development is the removal of poverty and all other socio economic evils which are interlinked with it. Definition of development has been controversial and unstable. It has been defined and described differently by scholars of different field. However it can be explained by the term change. Chamber (2004) elaborated development as a good change. Thus we can say development is progressive alteration of any things. As being a member of society, development is defined as progressive change of a society and its components over a time. Whereas all manifestation of development can be traced to some change somewhere sometime, not all change lead to development: a change may be either forgood (development) or bad (retrogression) (Richard, 1962). Development is a type of social change in which new ideas are introduced into a social system in order to produce higher per capita income (Dongol 2004). Read the rest of this entry


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